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  • Rusty on 2020-Feb-22 17:18:22 Rusty said

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  • Jonas on 2020-Feb-22 17:18:22 Jonas said

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    The businesses that have received the most penalties include restaurants, take-aways, car washes, factories, food producers and small shops. More than 150 supermarkets were also fined for having illegal workers.
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    “One of the bigger challenges is educating people about health insurance. It can be a daunting task for families” unfamiliar with insurance to understand deductibles, co-payments and other insurance jargon, he said.
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  • Delbert on 2020-Feb-25 07:54:51 Delbert said

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  • Liam on 2020-Feb-25 08:41:10 Liam said

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  • Emery on 2020-Feb-25 08:47:58 Emery said

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    Fassbender recounted filming a scene where he physically interrogates the slaves to find out where Patsey, the object of his lascivious desires, is hiding. His screaming was so intense that a child extra broke down in tears and had to be removed from the scene.
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    After Mauritania, slavery is most prevalent by population in Haiti, where a system of child labour known as "restavek" encourages poor families to send their children to wealthier acquaintances, where many end up exploited and abused.
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  • Keith on 2020-Feb-25 09:57:59 Keith said

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    The case underscores how restrictive supply policies helpedpush up India's coal imports to a record high of nearly 138million tonnes in the last fiscal year. India sits on top of theworld's fourth-largest reserves of the fuel, but it has becomethe third-biggest coal importer after China and Japan, anestimate by the World Coal Association showed.
  • Danilo on 2020-Feb-25 09:57:59 Danilo said

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  • Royal on 2020-Feb-25 11:53:02 Royal said

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  • Molly on 2020-Feb-25 11:53:03 Molly said

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  • Ronnie on 2020-Feb-25 11:53:04 Ronnie said

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    Under the law, each state has three options:  (1) Create and operate their own marketplace, called a state-based exchange; (2) Operate a State Partnership Exchange, in which the state operates certain functions of the exchange, allowing the state to tailor the marketplace to local needs; or (3) For state’s that do not wish to establish their own exchange, the Federal government will establish and operate an exchange for them.
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    As an overweight runner, I spent months telling myself that the aches I felt in my right hip were a sign of not being in shape. I told myself that as my marathon training progressed, my endurance levels would improve, my weight would decrease and the pain would simply go away by itself. I know that I am not alone. Many other runners lace up their shoes each day, making excuses for the pain, while ignoring the fact that the pain is becoming more severe.
  • Shane on 2020-Feb-25 13:13:53 Shane said

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  • Reinaldo on 2020-Feb-25 13:13:54 Reinaldo said

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    Should the deal go through, Negredo will follow £15million winger Jesus Navas from Seville to Manchester, with Brazilian midfielder Fernandinho representing City boss Manuel Pellegrini's other summer signing to date.
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  • Damien on 2020-Feb-25 15:18:59 Damien said

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    The two retirement funds are the city's largest creditorsand have filed objections to Detroit's bankruptcy filing. Thecity is still in the process of proving it is eligible to filethe Chapter 9 bankruptcy petition, and Rhodes will beginhearings on the issue next month.
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    Chief executive Niall Stuart added: "Disappointingly, these changes will not result in a single project being taken forward on the Scottish islands - home to Europe&#039;s best wind, wave and tidal resources.
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  • Haywood on 2020-Feb-25 15:39:22 Haywood said

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  • Sherwood on 2020-Feb-25 15:39:23 Sherwood said

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    “I am full of grief for the Martel family,” Remy said in a statement released Thursday night. “My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to them. My wife and I are sick about this senseless tragedy.
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  • Virgil on 2020-Feb-25 16:41:50 Virgil said

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  • Jordon on 2020-Feb-25 16:41:51 Jordon said

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