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Grosvenor Lodge 2015


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  • Kelis on 2016-Nov-05 16:35:27 Kelis said

    I'd give all that &qtuc;tomfort&qoou; away, sincerely. It's nothing but a gilded cage. Anyhow, you are overdoing it by claiming happily that early agriculturalists were Patriarchal. There are very good theories that say the opposite, at least in the Balcans and West Asia, before Semitics, Indoeuropeans, and other backwater pastoralist Patriarchal ethnicities conquered them.
  • JimmiXzSq on 2017-May-18 21:50:58 JimmiXzSq said

  • JimmiXzSq on 2017-May-19 16:40:30 JimmiXzSq said


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