Bob Cunningham combines a love of traditional music with a penchant for writing about events that move him - and sometimes just likes to be silly! In the folk revival of the early 60’s, Bob toured with The Fernwood Trio recording two LP’s: “Hootin’ Holiday” (Yes!) and “Bluenose”. They played coffee houses and university concerts and opened for Gordon Lightfoot at Massey Hall. For many years Bob ran a music school while also performing in local night spots, schools and many Home County Folk Festivals either solo or with children’s group “Anne, Tom and Bob”. He was also part of the crew running London’s early Cuckoo’s Nest Folk Club. The 90’s saw him playing many festivals as part of “Tranby Croft” with whom he recorded two more albums, including “Timeline” which received a lot of airplay on CBC radio and as far away as Australia. Bob plays acoustic guitar, Celtic bouzouki, long neck mandolin and bashes away happily on bodhran or anything else that gets in his way.


Bernie Gilmore, singer, guitarist and banjo player is always looking for a good story to make into another song. Bernie combines his passion for international development with an enthusiasm for song writing and performing. Bernie has recorded two solo cd's - “another path,” songs of personal inspiration and OIL BOOM,” celebrating Canada's history of oil discovery and has twice received nominations in the London Music Awards for best singer-songwriter in the folk/roots category. Bernie recorded vocals and guitar parts for two Gospel recordings, namely “Bless the Child” and “Walk With Me” and has provided vocal harmonies for “Alone in A Red Canoe” by Linda Lucas.

Barry Nunn has a zeal for harmony and song. From a musical family, he found his voice in a first grade choir and since has never been uninvolved in music even during a business career. His choir participation culminated with The London Conservatory Choir under the direction of Earle Terry. An introduction to folk music and close harmony became a passion. As a member of the popular folk trio "Group One" he toured Canada and USA. The trio appeared in well known folk venues and on national television and radio performing their songs which included "The Black Donnellys".  In recent years he has provided vocal and instrumental accompaniment for recordings of songs written by his friend Joanne Does for The Alzheimer Society. Barry's instrumental contributions to Scallywag include acoustic bass guitar, harmonica, jaw harp and twelve string guitar.



Doug Long has sung all his life - in various choirs and folk groups, and in a variety of acoustically resonant bathrooms. Lately he has turned to writing songs, and several of his originals are in the Scallywags' repertoire. He plays violin, viola, dulcimer and acoustic guitars. He performed live as Garnet Rogers' fiddle player in the early 1990s, and later joined London's Tranby Croft in the later stages of its storied career.

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