2019 Congratulations on finding us and a hearty "Welcome" to you.

We'd like to thank the committee for nominating us for the Jack Richardson London Music Awards - for which we are truly proud. We especially wish to thank all of you who voted for us.

In late summer 2010, Barry Nunn, Bernie Gilmore and Bob Cunningham met together at a local music festival and decided to form a folk group. To seal the deal, we signed our names in beer on a picnic table! (The still sticky table is being considered for its own space in the local Art and History Museum!!)

After several additions and changes in personnel, we looked around for a fiddle player and there was Doug Long standing head and shoulders above the crowd – no, really, he’s the tallest free-standing fiddle player we could find in London!

Ever since, as “SCALLYWAG”, we have been enjoying creating music together and apparently have been infecting audiences with our enthusiasm– for which, happily, there seems to be no cure!!
But don’t take our word for it:
So come on in and see what we have to offer.